Data Report

We announced on April 5th at the Mission Bay Parks Committee meeting that we would share our Supplemental Report with the general public. You can view the PDF below. This report was submitted to the Committee, as we believe the data is relevant for a vote on efficient use of public land. We implore the Committee to factor this data into its decision. In this report, you will find:

-Peninsula and Barnes' court utilization data (~25% of courts utilized), derived from 200+ hours of aerial footage.

-In the Appendix, you can find video links to aerial footage for every hour of every day of the week.

-Tennis court utilization breakdowns per day of the week and averages per time of day.

-Peninsula Tennis Club's financial history (IRS Form 990's, which report just ~$120 revenue per day).

-A local petition of 60+ businesses within one mile of Robb Field who support our proposal.

-Proof of our communication and requests for court data to Peninsula and Barnes (all unanswered).

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